My Services:

Summer 2021


For those of you who are interested, lessons will start Tuesday, June 1st, and continue until July 30th.


Lessons are 30 minutes in length and you can sign up for as few or as many as you like.  I recommend a minimum of 5 lessons over a short period of time, but preferably 8 to 10 lessons if possible. This is especially important for children who are not yet comfortable going under water.  It often takes 3-4 lessons for them to become accustomed to going under the water, and once they are, I can start working on developing their skills. 

If you would like to schedule any lessons this year, please write down your preferences on the registration form. You can see my current availability in the calendar. This registration form should be printed off from this website and mailed along with the liability form and full payment for all lessons requested. Both forms can be found here.  Please give me as much flexibility as possible and I’ll do my best to accommodate your schedule requests.  

Once lessons are scheduled, be sure to call me at least 24 hours in advance if you cannot make a lesson so that you do not get charged for this time.  In the event of thunder, lightning, heavy rain, or very cold temperatures, we will reschedule the lesson as time permits.  If you need to cancel or call concerning the weather, please call or text my cell phone at (615) 351-0311 and I will return the call as soon as possible. For more details, please visit my Policies and FAQ pages.

Private Lessons

​​Private lessons are designed for your child to receive one-on-one instruction without the distraction of other students in a class.  Classes are 30 minutes in length and are most effective for children who are easily distracted by other students.

Price: $40/lesson*

* For residents of Lynnwood Downs and Fieldstone Farms, the price is $35/lesson

Semi-Private Lessons

​Semi-Private lessons are designed for 2 children to share a lesson with the instructor during the same 30 minute time period.  Often times, 2 siblings or 2 friends of similar age and abilities will share this time so both receive equal benefit of the 30 minute lesson.  If you prefer to share a lesson with another child, it is necessary for you to make your own arrangements for the 2nd child, as I do not pair students together.  Please realize that in order for each student to receive the most benefit from a semi-private lesson, the 2 students should have similar skills and be close in age in order for the lesson to be most effective.

Price: $55 ($27.50/student)*

* For residents of Lynnwood Downs and Fieldstone Farms, the price is $50/lesson ($25/student)

Group Lessons

​I rarely teach group lessons because I  instruct during normal pool operating hours and do not want to interfere with other member's enjoyment of their own pools.  However, in some instances, I will work with 3 siblings together at the Lynnwood Downs location only.  In these special situations, pricing is set according to the circumstances.

* As a courtesy to other pool members and to avoid any distraction of your own child taking the lesson, please refrain from allowing other siblings or yourself to swim in the pool during your child’s lesson unless you are residents.  If your child is affected by your presence, please be prepared to “disappear” during the lesson, as most children perform better when their parents are not in attendance.  Thank you for your cooperation.